Pastor Cody


Cody Coulter Bio

Cody Coulter is the youngest son of Clifton and Geri Coulter. Cody is a talented minister, musician, songwriter and rapper. He is currently serving as the associate pastor at Grace Family Outreach Church and leader of his own ministry, The Love Movement.

Cody was born again at an early age, and growing up in a minister’s home, he received many prophetic words about God’s call on his life.

Unfortunately, Cody got caught up in a downward spiral of drug use, addiction, and crime and finally landed in a Missouri prison.

However, God had different plans! The Lord visited Cody in his jail cell and delivered him from drug addiction, anxiety and a host of other medical issues. The Holy Spirit began to download teachings and plans for ministry into Cody’s heart. Cody was miraculously transformed while he sat in the darkest, loneliest part of a Missouri state prison.

Since leaving jail, Cody and his wife, Haley, have been an integral part of Clifton Coulter Ministries and Grace Family Outreach Church. Cody’s own ministry, The Love Movement, focuses on helping young people overcome addiction and self-esteem issues through the love of God.

Cody composed a rap poem entitled, “ I Killed Myself”, and to date it has received more than 60,000 views on Facebook. “I Killed Myself” has also been used by local suicide prevention organizations and has helped many individuals to stop suicide attempts and become born again.Cody loves to use rap, poetry, and social media to shake religious chains off believers.